What is an Affiliate Marketing ? How can we earn money from Affiliate Marketing?

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Friends today we will know what is Affiliate Marketing? And how to earn money from Affiliate Marketing? I think this article covers all your queries regarding Affiliate Marketing. Go through the blog and read the whole article carefully.

In this digital age, most people use the Internet. There are also many people who use many e-commerce websites to do online shopping.

In today's time online shopping has become a trend. People are less like going to the shop because they get the goods they need sitting at home.

Keeping in mind online shopping, doing affiliate marketing becomes very easy. Because people like to get stuff online. Next we will know about it in detail.

In this, you just have to promote the product from any company or e-commerce site on your blog or website. For which we get fixed commission.

Affiliate Marketing refers to the promotion of the product. If you have a blog or any kind of YouTube channel, then big companies approach to do it. So that their products can sell well.

This is the most powerful platform of Make Money Online. And at this time it is the largest running business.

What is Affiliate Marketing? 

To understand Affiliate Marketing, I will tell you in very easy language.

Affiliate Marketing is the promotion of goods that is done by an Influencer. That is, when the product of a website is sold through us. For which we get commission. The earning and promotion of products in this way is called Affiliate Marketing. This is a great way to earn money. Even big bloggers or YouTube earn more depends on this. Anyone can do this. It is considered more profitable than adsense and it is. Many bloggers do not even use Adsense on their website. Their entire income depends on the Affiliate. So you can understand that it has so much benefit only then people are preferring it more.

Affiliate Marketing in India

If we talk about Affiliate Marketing Program in India, then there are still many people here who do not have complete knowledge about Affiliate Program.

But even if you have information about it, read it completely, you will definitely get some new information.

Many people in India are taking advantage of this facility and printing lakhs of rupees. Due to which we thought why not tell you about the affiliate marketing program too.

There are many such sites in India which are known for joining their Affiliate Program. You have to choose a site that sells products.

E-commerce sites are very useful for this. But not all e-commerce companies run Affiliate Program.

Before knowing all these things, we will know how Affiliate Marketing works. So let's get started without wasting any time.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

It is very easy to understand the work of Affiliate Marketing, which we will try to explain in more simple language.

Its work goes something like this. When we join by searching the affiliate site. So from there we have to choose some products.

We can paste its link wherever we want. Keep in mind, put the link only where you can get traffic. So that you can sell through your link.

When someone buys goods from the link given by you, then you get commission according to the categories of that product.

More and electronics and lower rate commission is received on the goods of Lifestyles. Which we can transfer to our account.

You can promote any categories of products you want. But present the products in such a way that people are attracted to buy.

How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the easiest way to earn money from the program. Start promoting those products by joining the Affiliate Program.

There are many companies and brands in India who keep on launching their new products every day.

In order to bring the same products to the people, the company approaches the smallest to the biggest Influencer to promote its goods.

Ways to earn money from Affiliate Marketing

There are many ways to earn money from Affiliate Marketing. With the help of which products promotion can be done successfully with great ease. Know in detail about those which are particularly effective among them –

1- A lot of money can be earned very quickly through a blog or website. Provided you must have a great blog.

You have to put Affiliate Link of that product from anywhere in your blog post or blog.

When visitors come to your site by searching and if they like the stuff, then click and buy.

2- This Affiliate Marketing is also done through YouTube. You must have seen and heard on YouTube that when a Youtuber reviews some stuff.

So later it says that if you want to buy it, then the link of this product is in the description below. You can do it from there.

In this way, he not only earns money for the video, but also earns from that Affiliate Link which he has given in the description.

3- Through social media, everyone can do this Affiliate Marketing work. Because almost everyone uses Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Messenger.

All you have to do is share the link as much as you can. Share on social networking site you will get commission on sale.

Site to Join Affiliate Program – India

This work can be done with many e-commerce platforms in India. And there are some sites that are not e-commerce sites but run their affiliate program.

1- Amazon

2- Snapdeal

3- Bluehost

4- A2 Hosting

5- Host Gator

These are some of the main sites using which you can earn good money. And if you want to find a similar site, then you can first search by writing the name of that company followed by Affiliate.

Can we make a blog for Affiliate Marketing

If you are thinking of making a blog for this but are in doubt whether it will be right to create a blog for this or not.

So be rest assured. And definitely make a blog because there is no harm from it. But there is more benefit.

Along with the links in the blog, when the detailed information about the products is received, the trust of the visitors is strengthened. And he buys too.

So if you still have Doubts in your mind, then create a blog without bothering. But keep in mind that you put the link in the blog only when a good number of people start visiting.

Because when the traffic is high then there is a possibility of more sales or earning. So make as good a blog as you can.

how to start affiliate marketing in mobile – Complete Information

If such questions are roaming in your mind too, then it is a good thing. Many people have a question that Can we do affiliate marketing on mobile?

So the answer is yes absolutely you can. For this it is not necessary that you do blogging or be a Youtuber. Earning can be done easily by using social media in your smartphone.

But you should have more number of followers on your social networking site. Otherwise you will not get any benefit from it.

Because if no one will buy then what is the benefit of sharing your link. So keep an eye on the followers as well.

Affiliate Marketing Definitions

1- Affiliates

The person who puts the link of any products in his social site, blog or YouTube video. It is called Affiliates.

2- Affiliate Marketplace

From where we get the link of the products, through which company there is Affiliate Marketplace. For example, suppose you received a link from your Amazon. So Amazon Affiliate Marketplace happened.

3- Affiliate ID

This type of ID is obtained when we join the Affiliate Program of a company, then we get the ID.

4- Affiliate Link

Whichever item we want to promote, we first select it, along with it we also get Affiliate Link. Which has to be copied.

5- Link Clocking

The links we get from Marketplace are huge and weird. To make it easy, we have to do URL Shortening.

6- Commission

Whenever a product is promoted, the appropriate category is checked first. Which category does he belong to?

By doing this, we get to know about the commission we get from the product. This work should be done by all those who have settled or are trying in this field.

7- Payment Method

It is most important that before joining any kind of program of any company, we should find out what is its payment mode?

Through which medium will that company give us money? Join only after understanding this thing completely.

Most of the e-commerce companies in India pay through PayPal. But it is not the medium of all, so know this thing.

8- Payment Threshold

This means that there is a limit set for you to sell on which you get commission only after doing it. It is different for everyone.

9- Affiliate Manager

All companies appoint their own manager. Whose job is to take care of your Affiliates. So that there is no problem.

Can I get Adsense approval on Affiliate Marketing website?

This is a very frequently asked question. To which the answer is quite obvious. That brother, you can absolutely get your site approved with Adsense.

It won't make any difference to your site. You have to pay so much attention that where is the place of the advertisement on your site.

You have to balance both Adsense and Affiliate ads and place ads correctly.

So you must have understood by reading the whole post what is its process. How does it work? If in doubt, read again.


Friends, today we have to know what is Affiliate Marketing? And how to earn money from it.

I have explained one thing to you. This article is completely about affiliate program information.

If you are thinking to do this, then stop thinking now and start earning by joining the program of a good company.

Hope you liked this post Affiliate Marketing. If you have any question or suggestion for us, then do tell by commenting.

Do share and subscribe our blog to get such information in future. Because we keep bringing such interesting information.

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