If Your Child is also Glued to the Mobile then try These Tips to Get Rid of his Mobile Addiction.

Asif Nawaz

Important Things

  • Show kids the world outside the mobile.
  • Mobile addiction of children can become a cause of trouble.
  • Excessive use of mobile is bad for the health of children.

In this age of mobile and internet, smartphone has become an essential part of our life. With its use, while many everyday tasks have become easier, on the other hand, another problem has also arisen. This is the problem of the new generation of children sticking to the mobile phone. Almost every parent has a problem that their child is busy on mobile phone throughout the day. This habit is now becoming an addiction in children. Due to this not only their development is getting stunted, but many mental problems are also taking birth. Today we will tell you some such tips which can help in keeping the child away from the mobile phone.

Parenting Tips:

 The major problem of the parents in this digital world is that how to get rid of mobile addiction of his/her children's. Here I am going to express you some tips and ways how to get ride of mobile addiction of children's. This post is mainly for todays parents who are unable to stop to use of mobile of their children's in this digital world. With the help of these easy tips, children can be stopped from insisting on mobile. You can also try them out.

How to Stop Kids from Using Phone 

1.Outdoor Games

In the last almost two years, children have been imprisoned in homes due to Corona. It is clear that the habit of playing field games has reduced in them. In such a situation, it is necessary to motivate them to go outside the house and play in the field again. If possible, indulge in some outdoor games with them yourself.

2. Love of Nature and Environment

Try to connect children with nature and environment. Make them aware about the importance of forest, animals and water. Take them to such places where they can see and feel the natural beauty. For this it is not necessary to go to any expensive hill station or tourist spot. Children can also be taken to a park or pond near the house.

3. Spark an Interest in Books

In this era of Internet, the distance from people's books is increasing. In such a situation, it is necessary that we make a habit of reading good books ourselves and motivate the children to do the same. Provide good and interesting books to children according to their interest. Also discuss with them about books. This will make them interested in books.

4. Get Help with Simple Household Chores

Take help of children in simple household chores like drying clothes, pressing them, cleaning your room, filling water, watering plants etc. Ask them to help with the kitchen work as per their interest. With this, children will not only stay away from mobile, but will also learn many things in sports and games.

5. Mobile Password

You can also put a password in the mobile phone so that the child cannot use the phone without your permission. By doing this child first ask you to use mobile and you know by what time your child is using the mobile then you can take the mobile after using a limited time. So the child never becomes addict of mobile.
And more things parents must check in between while child using the mobile that what they are doing in mobile. 

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