Scientists discovered the second solar system in the universe, the possibility of existence of life! 40 light years away from earth.

Asif Nawaz

Friends as we all know that our scientists are continuously doing research to find out new other planets where life can exists, where environment and surroundings are likely to be same as earth. Too many scientists do their research and on the basis of their research some said that Mars is the planet where life exists, some said that Moon is the satellite where life can exists same as the Earth. Now Scientists discovered the second solar system in the universe, where existence of life is possible. But the major problem of this solar system is that This is 40 light years away from earth. Let me Xplore

Second solar system in the universe

TRAPPIST-1 star System: The North American country area agency NASA discovered the TRAPPIST-1 system in 2017. it's seven planets specifically like Earth.


Scientists round the world area unit trying to find such planets to appear for keeps outside the planet, wherever life is anticipated to flourish. during this episode, scientists have started work the 'Holy chalice star System' to urge additional data concerning such planets. Life is probably going to exist during this system.

According to NASA, the star TRAPPIST-1 situated within the center of this system appearance specifically like Earth. it had been discovered by scientists in 2017. Since then, astronomers have learned additional concerning this system.

These planets area unit in an exceedingly line just like the notes of music, therefore scientists use the word 'Harmony' for them. New analysis helps scientists higher perceive the history of those planets. during this it's been told however these planets were fashioned. Through this, it will currently even be legendary whether or not water and different necessary things area unit gift within the planets to begin life.

Scientists estimate that there area unit several such planets during this system wherever life are often.A new analysis shows that the seven planets within the TRAPPIST-1 system area unit quite completely different from Earth. however in their categories area unit completely along.

Estimates up to now counsel that these planets should have fashioned ten times quicker than Earth. specialists suppose advanced procedures for analysis as a result of they can't physically observe planets forty light-years away. Uranologist Sean Raymond of the University of Bordeaux told that when the formation of rocky planets, things in area impinge on them, this can be known as bombardment.

Factors Due to which life Exists

Sean Raymond said that we want to listen to the present, as a result of these impacts are often a very important supply of water and volatile parts that sustain life. At present, the North American country area agency NASA is trying to find proof of life on Mars. NASA's rovers area unit work Mars and area unit unceasingly causing footage. it's believed that oceans and rivers existed on Mars a few years agone.


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