What if humans were not on earth? What does the earth look like?

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We all  live on the planet Earth, and we all know that Earth is the only Planet where life exists till now. Have You ever wondered about what if humans were not on Earth? How earth looks like? In this blog i am going to tell you about the factors which is responsible for life existence, and if humans were not on earth. How Earth looks like if humans were not on them. Let me Xplore -

There are 87 lakh species of animals living on the earth, including humans, who make smart and intelligent cities from all the living beings on the earth, the one who spreads the pollution, the one who spoils the selection, but what if the human being was not on this earth. Would this city look like road traffic and agriculture because all these things human beings have listened to each other, what would be the view if humans were not on earth, let's try to explain you with some pictures and content

Scientists have tried to make a picture that does not include humans, this picture is not a common photo, but tells a story of evolution, in which you will find many such creatures that you may be familiar with or you have never seen them. Australia Associate professor and paleontologist Trevor Vardi of Philanders University says that if humans were not on the earth, then this earth would have been more fertile and filled with more animals. Animals could have been very large, such as dinosaurs or sharks etc.

In response to the question of what would have happened if we think that modern humans i.e. Homo sapiens would not have been on earth, Travor Verdi says that if we were not Homo sapiens, then Neanderthal humans would have ruled the earth. They would have been roaming but the picture of the earth would have changed because humans have eliminated many species of animals to make the present picture of the earth, it includes from dodo to Tasmanian tiger, humans are on the verge of eliminating them completely. The reason has been reached is the hunting and the destruction of their homes.

Most environmentalists believe that if humans were not on the earth, then the rate of extinction of other animal species would have been 100 percent less. Because it is much more than the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-Pg) time at this time. Since that time, 80 percent of the Earth's animals have been lost. There are some species about which we have not even heard anything. For example, dinosaurs that did not fly 66 million years ago. That is, man has destroyed the earth like an asteroid. Ever since modern man has come on the earth, no other work has been done except destruction. This catastrophe is related to nature and environment.

Trevor Vardi says that my great-grandfather used to watch a group of thousands of parrots and birds together. That too in the lap of nature. Dada saw a group of hundreds. Father must have seen a group of some birds. I see it a few times while walking in the forest. If there were no humans, there would have been more gathering of wild creatures on earth. Like Giants and Moas etc. About a million years ago, there used to be birds like Ostrich in New Zealand of 11.8 feet. But 750 years ago, all 9 species of moa became extinct. This is a matter of 200 years after the development of modern humans.

Trevor said that in addition to the moa, 25 other vertebrate species were extinct. In which there were Giant Haast's Eagles. Because they used to hunt moa. If the moa did not survive, then the Haast Eagle also died due to lack of food. Humans are directly responsible for the extinction of species of moas and haast eagles. Because of the relentless hunting and the species infiltrating the new habitat, these creatures became extinct. If their place of residence is put at risk, they will go elsewhere. They will struggle with the big creatures present there. Now only one of these species will survive. That is, even if a person does not hunt, he has the ability to do harm.

Soren Forby, senior lecturer in zoology at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, said that many large mammals died after the arrival of humans. These mammals were present on the earth for thousands of years. Soren Forby did a study in the year 2015 which was published in the journal Diversity and Distribution. In this, he imagined the earth without humans. Then these people envisaged the Serengeti, the ecosystem of Africa, in which all the animals live together.

Hairy elephants, rhinos and lions are all thought to live together in Europe with extinct fauna in the Serengeti. Like the lions living in caves instead of African lions. Lions living in caves lived in Europe 12,000 years ago. Elephants and bears lived in America. Apart from these, there were also some strange creatures. Like the car-shaped armadillo. They were relatives of Glyptodon or Giant Ground Sloths.

Soren Forby said that if humans were not on the earth, then many species of large mammals would be ruling the earth. Like a hairy elephant. Larger rhinos. Human hunger made farms. Forests were cut because of the fields. When the forest was cut, the creatures were killed. As a result many mammals and wild creatures were killed. Due to the cutting of forests, many animals ran here and there. If these large mammals were alive, they would have destroyed the leaves and branches of the trees. Because they can reach there easily. Like big elephants. Large sized elephants are called megafauna.

Christopher said that if there were no humans, the transfer of minerals, nutrients and seeds on the earth would have been better. This means that the land would have been more fertile. The ecosystem it would have created would have been more productive. Humans have come up with different ways to limit the essentials. started doing agriculture. Started encircling his house and area. Due to which the movement of animals was obstructed. Due to this the fertility of the land kept decreasing.

Apart from this, global warming has caused a lot of devastation. Human activities have increased global warming by 1 degree Celsius since the 20th century. That is, the average temperature of the earth has increased so much. Whereas, if there was no human, this earth would have been much colder. There is no such problem as global warming. According to a report published in the journal Nature in 2016, due to increased heat from human activities, the next ice age has been postponed by 1 lakh years. Earlier it was expected to come in about 50 thousand years. But now it has slipped ahead. That is, the earth will become hotter.

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