Why Chemistry is important in our daily life?

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This blog "Why Chemistry is important in our daily life?" explain how chemistry is important in our everyday life that we live and also describes what are the scope of chemistry in field of science and also in our daily life and how it is important for us.
Ever since man came into existence, he has been very curious and eager to know about the various happenings taking place around him. He tries to seek answers for his observations through experiments. He organizes the information so gathered and transmits the conclusions to next generation. In this way, man has been gaining more and more knowledge which he has been arranging in a systematic manner. The systematized knowledge based on observation, experimentation and reasoning is termed science. 

What is Chemistry?

Chemistry is one of the most important, oldest, vast and highly developed branches of science. All other branches of science are highly dependent upon chemistry. A knowledge of chemistry is essential in the study of other branches of science such as biology, agriculture, geology, astronomy, engineering, medicine, etc.

Chemistry is the branch of physical science which deals with the study of matter, its physical and chemical properties, its chemical composition, the physical and chemical changes which it undergoes and the energy changes that accompany these processes.

Chemistry is a very interesting subject which touches almost every aspect of our lives, our culture and our environment. lt has changed our civilization to a great extent. The present day chemistry has provided man with more comforts for a healthier and happier life. A large number of materials which we use these days were unknown at the turn of the last century.

Benefits of Modern Chemistry

Modern chemistry has given man new plastics, fuels, metal alloys, fertilizers, building materials, drugs, energy sources, etc. Life saving drugs such as Cisplatin, Taxol, and AZT (Azidothymidine-drug for AID Victims) have been isolated from plant and animal sources or prepared by artificial methods. New techniques have provided materials such as superconducting ceramics, conducting polymers and optical fibers. 

Chemistry of today is actually helping in solving major problems of our present day civilization such as population explosion, food and diseases, depletion of sources of energy, depletion of natural sources and environmental pollution. In 1990, a new field, i.e., green chemistry, has been started which emphasizes on processes and products that reduce or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances.

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