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Hello Friends nowadays a lots of  disease are spreading fastly in our society. Among them one of the disease is "Erythroblastosis foetalis". In this blog we will discuss about this disease and their sign and symptoms and also we describe about their treatment. Lets me Xplore. 

What is Erythroblastosis foetalis?

Erythroblastosis foetalis is a disease or we can say it is a disorder. This disorder happened when the Rh +ve and Rh -ve are exposed and they intermixed to each other or we can say that due to mismatching of Rh antigen.

Rh antigens are found in Rhesus monkeys, but now they can also be observed on the surface of human being RBCs. Approx. 80% of human beings contain Rh antigen on the surface of RBCs. 

If the Rh antigens are present on the surface of RBCs then it is known as Rh +ve (Rh Positive) while if the Rh antigens are absent then known as Rh -ve (Rh Negative).

When the Rh -ve exposed to Rh +ve, there is a formation of special type antibodies in our body. Therefore before transfusion of blood matching of Rh antigen should be done.

Case of Mismatching of Rh antigen        

When a pregnant mother is Rh -ve and foetus is Rh +ve there is no problem in first delivery because they are separated from each other with the help of placenta. During the second pregnancy Rh -ve antigen exposed to the Rh +ve of foetus blood, and it damaged the RBCs of the foetus. This could be fatal to the foetus or maybe caused severe anaemia and jaundice to the baby. And this condition is called Erythroblastosis foetalis.

This condition can be avoided by injecting the Anti-Rh antibodies in the mother just after the first delivery (in b/w 72 hrs.).

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