Is This Myth - Flow of Electron

Asif Nawaz

 We all study in books as well as teachers also taught us that current is the flow of charge per unit time. And we have studied or teacher also taught us that an object is charged whenever there is flow or transfer of electron. But the things that make us curious to think about it is that, is really there is flow of electron or transfer of electron? LetMeXplore this by some models of scientists.

The Plum Pudding Model

This Model was proposed by the scientist J.J. Thompson in 1904. Thompson said that this model is similar to that of a Christmas pudding. The electrons, in a sphere of positive charge, were like currants (dry fruits) in a spherical christmas pudding.

We can also co relate this model with watermelon so this model also known as watermelon model. According to this positive charge in the atom is spread all over like the red edible parts of watermelon, while the electrons are studded in the positively charged sphere, like the seeds in watermelon.

Planetary Model

This model is also known as Rutherford's model and was proposed by the Nobel Prize winning chemist Ernest Rutherford in 1911. Rutherford was very curious to know how the electrons are arranged in an  atom to study this they design an experiment for this. In this experiment they used fast moving alpha - particles(α) were made to fall on a thin gold foil. 

From this experiment they concluded that the atom appeared to contain a small core of positive charge, Rutherford postulated that the atom consisted of a small, dense and positively charged nucleus, around which electrons orbited in circular rings. This model was one of the first to proposed the different idea that inside the atoms most of the space is empty through which the electrons move.

Bohr Model

This model was given by Neil's Bohr, a physicist from Denmark who received the Nobel prize for his work on the atom. Bohr proposed as did Rutherford, that atoms having a small positive nucleus where the mass of the atom concentrated.

Bohr's said that the electrons are orbited around the nucleus like planets around the sun. The major improvement of the model is that they said electrons that are orbited around the nucleus, each orbit having a specific energy level and while revolving in discrete orbits the electrons do not radiate energy. 

Electron Cloud Model

The electron cloud model is the most accepted model of the atom. It ratains the concept of the nucleus from Bohr's model and Rutherford's models, but gives a different definition regarding the  motion of electrons around the nucleus. The movement of electrons around the nucleus is defined by the regions where there is a greater probability of finding the electron at any given moment in this model. These regions of probability of finding the electron  around the nucleus are associated with specific energy levels and it takes a variety of odd shapes as the energy of the electrons increase.


According to the concept of the flow of electron or transfer of electron is not possible just think about it how it is possible. just think if the transfer of electron or flow of electron is happening then we all know that either it is electron or proton or neutron they are neither be created nor be destroyed.

Mainly electron transforms into energy in the form of wave and performs their function. this is the only due to which an object attracts or repels and we are saying that an objects having charge. 


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