Health And Fitness For Busy People

Asif Nawaz

How Health of a busy people gets affected

Nowadays, in such a busy life it becomes very important for every individual to burn body fats and make a healthy body to stay fit. In a recent health survey, it is found that six out of ten working peoples cannot manage their time to do regular exercise. In today's life, we all are busy to fulfill our target. A busy life is necessary to get success in life, however, it is also very important to maintain health properly.

Nowadays, we found the health disorder mostly in those peoples who are working for at least 10-12 hours to fulfill their requirements. Therefore, it becomes necessary to maintain their health and fitness to enhance their metabolic activities. Busy people require extra calories and more food to fulfill their metabolic requirements. Nutritious food is required to busy people to fulfill their protein needs of the body.

Factors that affect 

Busy peoples are involved in their work they cannot get free time for their relaxation, even they cannot fulfill their sleep,  due to which they are engaged in such deadly habits which can damage their life such as

  • Consumption of alcohol and tobacco-like cigarettes leads to damage to the metabolic activity of the body.
  • The sleepless night which can damage the decision making power and problem-solving ability.
  • Lack of concentration and mindfulness that can affect thoughts and perception.
It becomes necessary for busy people to maintain a good diet to provide proper nutrition to their bodies. There are some important dietary guidelines for busy people to get proper nutrition to stay healthy and fit.

    Some Important dietary guidelines for busy people

  • If you are more active then you require more food. When you work for a longer time your body needs a high portion of food to supply energy. Vegetables, fruits, salads along with a high amount of water necessary diet to maintain your daily schedule.
  • Some peoples are there who work 9-11 hours a day, due to lack of time and they take a huge amount of food at a time and then stay without food for a longer period of time. It may lead to the development of overweight and obesity among them. If you are busy in your schedule daily then you must take sufficient food after every 4 hours. It provides proper nutrition to your body and there is no chance of malnutrition in your body.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

  • I hardly believe that carbohydrate-containing foods such as rice, bread, cereals, potatoes are important for everyday diet. Carbohydrate enhances the strength of busy people to fulfill their work. If you are a busy person you must take high fiber food in your diet, which enhances your metabolic activities.
  • Nowadays, we all are eating junk foods, frozen foods which are not only store excess fats but also enhances body weight and causes obesity in our body. Therefore, a busy person must take boiled food, fresh vegetables, and fruits that provide proper energy to the body.
  • For busy people protein foods are also an important diet, they require extra protein to keep their mind strong and body active. Protein sources are poultry, lean, meat, fish, and eggs that make you able to produce huge energy to do work.
  • Along with a balanced diet, you can take long breathing in every morning, which enhances your concentration and improve your respiratory system. Long breathing is an important exercise that can also improve your sense and memory power.
  • Women must do regular exercise to maintain their body fitness. Mostly the women who are above 40 years do freehand exercise to stay fit. And men can join a gym to stay fit.
We must do regular exercise and take proper diet to improve metabolic activity and maintain proper lifestyles and can live a disease-free, fit and healthy life.



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