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Nowadays a lots of  disease are spreading fastly in our society. Among them one of the disease is "Disease Leprosy". In this blog we will discuss about this disease and their sign and symptoms and also we describe about their treatment. Lets me Xplore.

Disease Leprosy is also called as Hansen disease this is due to its discovery by Hansen. Leprosy is caused by an acid-fast bacillus bacterium, Mycobacterium leprae. This bacterium is mainly rod-shaped. The growth of this bacterium is in the peripheral nervous system, also it can grow in skin cells. 30-degree Celsius is the optimum temperature at which the growth of Mycobacterium laprae takes place. It shows a preference for the outer cooler portion of the human body.

Types of Disease - Leprosy

  • Tuberculoid leprosy  This kind of leprosy is mainly characterised by lesions in the skin specially nose and outer areas and in superficial nerve endings. It occurs in individuals with effective immune responses which develops delayed hypersensitivity that can only be shown by skin test with lepromin.
  • Lepromatous leprosy  In this kind of leprosy skin cells are infected and disfiguring nodules are formed all over the body. Those people that are affected, having the least effective cell-mediated immune response and disease has progressed from the tuberculoid stage.


In this disease, symptoms may be shown within 1year or it can take as long as 20 years or even more. The sites of the body that are affected in leprosy disease are mucous membrane, skin and nervous system. This disease is mainly characterised by Scaly and nodulated skin, the formation of ulcers, hyperpigmentation of the skin, deformity of fingers and toes.


This disease is contagious therefore it transmits from person to person through prolonged contact. The process of infectivity of Mycobacterium laprae is slow. The incubation period of this disease may be upto 5 years.


There are various drugs that are effective in leprosy treatment such as treatment with sulfo drugs such as dapsone for a longer period of time. Along with dapsone rifampicin and fat-soluble dye clofazimine are also used. Vaccine BCG is also somewhat protective against leprosy. (Please Concerned with the doctors).

Eradication of Leprosy

Leprosy can be eradicated by a various method such as isolation of babies from their lepor parents, educating the public regarding the disease and vaccination with BCG can help in controlling the disease from spreading further.

Several programmes also have been started from time to time for the eradication of leprosy

  • National Leprosy Control Programme (NLCP) in 1955.
  • National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP) in 1983.

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